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~ Upcoming Events ~
Tree Removal, Limb Pruning, Stump Grinding
Tuesday, September 6th to Friday, December 23rd
*** This project timeline has been extended due to Hurricane Matthew and Alpha Tree Service assisting in the clean up. Please be patient as they are helping others who have had trees fall on to their homes.
Alpha Tree Service has carefully assessed all of the trees in our community; based on their expertise, most of our trees need some level of care.  Inspection of trees should occur twice a year to maintain their health and prevent dangerous situations.  Completing this work is also critical for the next phase of our Paving Project, as some tree roots have damage portions of our pavement. 
The company will be working in our neighborhood for a minimum of four weeks starting on September 6, 2016. Specifically, they will be focused on the following:
  1. Trimming and removing all dead branches.
  2. Trimming branches that are hanging over buildings, walkways, parking lots, patios and decks.
  3. Removing dead and dying trees.
  4. Removing trees that are growing too close to walkways or hanging too low.
  5. Removing trees that are leaning dangerously close to buildings and parking lots.
  6. Chipping branches, grinding stumps, leveling stump holes and hauling away debris.
The Board is asking all homeowners to remain flexible during this timeframe. As the workers move through each section, they may need to block off certain parking spots for safety reasons.  If your spot is blocked off while they are working, please park in the nearest visitor parking space until the work is complete. 
Please do not interfere with the contractors.  Alpha Tree Service has more than 16 years of experience and knows what our neighborhood needs to keep our trees healthy and keep us safe.  If you have questions or concerns, contact Angela Gallardo by phone or email.  

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